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DHW Pond Manifold Test:



Test of half inch CPVC manifold to distribute water to edges of the insulation slab between the top EDPM sheet and the lower Poly sheet. 

This tube represents 1/4 of the manifold (about 40 inches).  The flow is set to about 0.5gpm (which is equivalent to 2 gpm for the entire 4X8 sheet).  The manifold pipe is half inch CPVC and the holes are 3/32 inch on 2 inch centers.


I am wondering now if (with the distribution manifold along the outer edges) the flow will tend to back up due to the resistance it faces flowing between the two sheets, and tend to flow backwards over the edge??

I guess the alternatives might be:


1) Seal the EDPM sheet to the top of the manifold (eg with silicone).


2) Or, run the manifold up the center of the slab, and let the water flow off the edges (which would make it difficult to get an even distribution?).


This pic is with pipe leveled, and flow pointed up -- pretty even from end to end.


This pic is with flow horizontal.


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