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Grey Water Heat Exchanger Prototype


The three coil version.




"Mass producing" the winding forms.



The coil winder with first coil completed.


Coil winding setup -- the simplest way I could figure out without having a lot of help on hand.

Must be an easier way.


2nd coil completed.  The sequence was:

Put an about 3/8 inch spacer over the first coil at each of the three first coil support pipes.

Wire tie it in place.

Wind on the 2nd coil without.

Place the pipe that has grooves in the bottom for the 2nd coil and grooves in the top for the (coming) third coil over the wound 2nd coil, and push the grooves down onto the already wound 2nd coil (using a wooden hammer for persuasion.

Secure the pipe with the groove for 2nd and 3rd coils with wire ties.



2nd coil secured in place.


3 rd coil added using top set of grooves to position.  This was wire tied in place after pic.



After removing from winder.

It is pretty solid -- it can easily be moved around.



Bottom plumbing connections using the fittings you provided.

It works OK, but (in the long run) it seems like a lot of connections.

It also results in a fairly tight radius right at the connection point.


Had to move the supply in and supply out pipes -- the old ones fell right in the middle of the coils.


All plumbing connections to the coils made -- ready to hook up to drum lid


The GW inlet tube goes between the supply outlet pipes and the inside coil.

The GW outlet tube goes to the left against the inside coil.


Connections to drum lid made up -- just enough room to get get a wrench in.

You can see the GW inlet and outlet stubs to left and right -- they just clear the inner coil.


I have not installed the GW inlet and outlet tube pending your findings.


Let me know if you see any problems.

I'm going to park this for now, pending what we decide on the GW inlet tube.







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