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    Solar Collector -- Fin Efficiency Calculator        
    Fin Efficiency    
    Fin Width fin total width - inches  
    Tube Diameter tube outer diameter - inches  
    Fin Thickness fin thickness - inches  
    Loss Coefficient Collector heat loss coefficient (0.8 double glazing, 1.34 single glazing)  
    Fin Conductivity Fin Conductivity btu/hr-F (copper = 220, alum = 144, steel = 25)  
    Fin Eficiency The calculated fin efficiency (1.0 is perfect)  
    Fin Delta Temperature    
    Trans*Absorbtion Glazing transmission/absorbtion product -no units  
    Solar Intensity Solar Insolation - BTU/hr-sf  
    Fin Root Temperature Fin temp at root - F (close to tank temp)  
    Ambient Temperature Ambient temperature - F  
    Fin Delta Temperature Temperature difference from fin edge to fin root - F  
    Gary Sep 1, 2010      
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