Solar Clothes Dryer -- Dryer Modification Method 2

This page describes the second method of modifying the dryer so that it can be used with solar heated air to save energy. 

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Dryer Modification -- Method 2:

This was the first method I tried for converting a gas clothes dryer to use solar heated air from my attic solar collector.

After converting the dryer, I blocked the intake and was surprised that it was not even close to air tight. The design of the dryer and the worn drum gaskets caused the exhaust to output more air than came in the intake. To overcome the problem I decided to add a fan to the intake duct coming from the attic heater. That combined with the powerful dryer fan should do the job.


converting dryer to operate on attic air
Gas dryer before conversion to use
attic air supply.

Back of the dryer before removing the cover.

The black metal duct on the left is the
dryer exhaust duct, and the silver
colored duct on the right is the
dryer intake duct.

Circle marks the point where the duct
supplying attic air will be hooked up.

Cutting hole for attic air supply duct.

Making a flange to connect the duct from
attic to the dryer.

Aluminum tape to secure the flange
tabs in place until adhesive is applied.

Showing how tape secures the new flange
in place.

RTV high temperature sealer/adhesive to
secure and seal the flange in place.

The new flange sealed in place.

The regular intake that pulls air from
the cabinet is closed with aluminum tape.

Closeup of normal air intake sealed up
with aluminum tape.

One thing to bear in mind is that this conversion will not let you use gas heat as a back up, when solar is not available. I will have to tackle this later on, when the permanent dryer install is done.   

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