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cpvc oven test

The test tubes were in the lower (larger oven).  The convection oven setting was used to try to keep a more even temperature.

A thermocouple was used to

Samples of regular PEX (red), CPVC (white), and Pex-Al-Pex (orange) were set out on a piece of half inch plywood.

A K type thermocouple was used to measure temperature (its the wire coming in from the right).  The thermocouple was logged on an Onset Computer logger (see plot below).

I was kind of amazed how awful a job the oven does of keeping an even temperature -- it was perfectly happy at times for the oven to be 30F lower than the set temperature.  I finally gave up on trying to set a temperature on the oven, and just manually set the temp well above what I wanted, waited until the thermocouple said the oven was a bit above what I wanted, and then set a low temperature and let the oven drift down through the desired temperature range.

At each of the temperatures listed below, I opened the oven door and had a look at each of the samples, assessed whether they had suffered any deformation, and then picked them up and tried to bend them with just finger pressure.


150 F Oven Temp

At 150F, all of the tubes were fine.  Essentially no real change from room temperature.


200 F Oven Temp




225F Oven Temperature


260F Oven Temperature


At 4:30pm opened oven door and examined the tubes.  Oven temperature 260 F -- having drifted down from about 268 F over the past 5 minutes.

The CPVC showed some warping in shape for the first time.

All tubes quite flexible. 

This is probably hotter than they should ever get in service.


275F Oven Temperature