Simple Air Collector with Milk Bottle Storage


Hi John,

Some pictures from my not so successful experiment trying to add storage to my thermsyphon air collector.


This did not work very well in that a strong thermosyphon current around the collector and bottles did not happens -- as the plot at the end shows, the warming never progressed much down the bottle column.


But, I had no fans at all, so it might just take some tweaking to get it to work.


I will tell you one thing up front, and this is that plastic milk bottle jugs don't last very long -- The bottles you see in the picture below that got no direct sun at all were falling apart in 6 months.  Use the 2 liter Pepsi bottles!




Back view of bottle rack.  The white on the top is the collector exit vent coming back into the bottle chamber.

The blue insulation panel to the left would normally insulate just behind the bottles.





Bottles were hung on these sticks.



Another veiw of the bottle rack. 

The bright spot at the bottom near the floor is light from the collector inlet vent.



Backdraft camper.





Gary Feb 5, 2011