Another Iteration of the Sun Simulator

A few pictures below of the latest version of the sun simulator, which is used to simulate sunlight for tests of solar collector designs.

Previous version of the collector here...

This version uses the same six 400 watt metal halide lights, but with each lamp getting its own dedicated commercially made collector.

A light tunnel down stream of each collector still proves to be necessay to further direct the light to the collector.

Compared to the previous version, this one has the following advantages

So, its an improvement, and its probably good enough to use for actual collector testing -- but, both more intensity and better evenness could still be used.

I'm not currently working on this project, but hope to get back to it at some point, but its going to be a while.

I'm very interested in hearing from anyone who builds a sun simulator.


The 6 reflectors and the six compartment light tunnel are all one rigid assembly that sits on the plywood table below. The whole light tunnel/reflects assembly can be slid around on the plywood surface to get the reflectors and light tunnel in exactly the right position over the fixed metal halide lamps.

I think that this is the reflector, but I can't find a number on it or a record of my order:



sun simulator reflectors


Looking down the light tunnel towards the reflector -- a collectors eye view.

All 6 reflectors are mounted in a wood frame with adhesive. The light tunnel is built onto the front of this frame.





June 2, 2015