Barra Box Results


Some plots from the loggers for the period when we were traveling -- 12/20/2009 through 1/1/2010




Sun sensor -- mounted perpendicular to glazing and half way up -- sees reflection from snow  -- watts/sq meter


Bottles Temp -- sensor taped to bottle in 2nd row (see earlier pics for placement)  -- F


Col Top Temp-- in outlet vent of collector -- F


Col In Temp -- in the inlet duct of the collector -- F


Rm Temp  -- temp in middle of the box about half way down from ceiling to floor -- F


Ambient Temp -- sensor mounted just off north side of box -- F



Room temperature averages a nice 75F on some days, but the 120F down to 30F range is a bit large for comfort :)


The full time period 12/20/09 through 01/01/10



Sunny day -- cloudy day -- sunny day



Two sunny days



Declining sun over 3 days