Nothing For Sale Here


This site is a hobby, not a business.


I don't sell anything on this site, or have any financial  connection with anyone who makes or sells renewable energy products.   The only source of income on the site is the Google click through adds like the ones to the right on this page.  Since Google (not me) chooses the content of these adds, there is no temptation on my part to favor products from people who advertise on the site.  These little Google adds provide plenty of revenue to pay the site expenses and fund some renewable energy projects.  Since the site is a hobby, not a business, that's fine.



- You can be certain that anything recommended on the site has nothing to do with a financial connection with the product supplier. 


- I can't provide quotes on products or take orders.

I do have a section that lists a lot of suppliers of renewable energy products that might be of interest to people looking to build projects.  I can't really vouch for the suppliers on the list, since I've not had any dealings with most of them -- they are just some places to start looking.  As always, do your homework.


I get a chance to talk to people in the renewable energy industry, and I can tell you that they range from extremely dedicated and competent professionals whose only goal is to help you build a good system to downright scam artists.  Sad to say, the with the increased interest in renewable energy, the 2nd category is a growth industry -- so be careful!



June 2, 2009