Active Wall Collector:

These pictures and diagrams were provided by Alain in France.  They show a nicely made 60 sqft, fan forced ventilation collector.  Alain says that this panel resulted in a substantial decrease in last seasons heating energy bill.



    Area: 60 sqft

    Depth: 4.5 inches

    Air Channel depth (each side of absorber): 1.18 inches

    glazing: 10mm (0.4") double wall polycarbonate
    collector: aluminum sheet from offset printer
    fan: 90 watts
    box: plywood
    insulation: rockwool

    Inlet: diameter 6.3 inches

    Outlet: diameter 6.3 inches


The fan is connected on the inlet with a filter for dust (2sqf) and a passive check valve.


Click here for detailed drawings (about 500K)