Installing an AirTap Heat Pump Water Heater

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Additional Thoughts

These are a few additional thoughts for whatever they are worth...

I like the idea of the heat pump water heater, especially if you don't have a good setup for solar water heating.

Its worth reading the reviews on Amazon regarding the AirTap -- some have reported quite a good experience  while others have had a lot of trouble.  So, read over the problems and see if they apply to you.  There are also other brands that can be looked at.

Another thing to be aware of is that while the units provide some free cooling of the air in the summer, which is nice, they also cool in the winter, and they may increase your space heating load depending on where they are located.  This paper discusses some potential changes to the installation to get around this...

The saving in carbon emissions for HP water heaters depends on how you heat your water.  If you use electricity to heat your water now and its generated by burning fossil fuels, then there is a definite carbon saving as well -- if the HP water heater cuts your water heating electricity use in half, then it also cuts the carbon emissions due to water heating in half.  If you now use natural gas, then the change in carbon emissions depends on how your electricity is generated.  If you have something like solar,  hydro, or wind, then there is a good carbon saving because your electricity generation is clean.  If your electricity is generated by coal then the HP water heater probably results in increased carbon emissions.  The reason for this is ............$$$