Bubble Wrap Application -- Charley's Greenhouse

This is the instruction sheet that comes with the bubble wrap supplied by Charley's Greenhouse -- they cover several different ways of applying it.  We have found that for house windows, the water film works fine.


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Cut To Size:

The bubble wrap cuts easily with scissors or a utility knife.


Cut the bubble wrap to fit the glass pane only -- not over the frame.


Install With Water Spray

Spray the inside of the window with water from a spray bottle (like an old Windex bottle).


Cover the whole surface of the glass, but particularly the edges and along the top.


Place the bubble wrap with the bubble side toward the glass onto the wet window.


Smooth it out so that all of the bubbles contact the wet surface.


Let it dry.


For most people, this works fine and lasts the whole season.


If you have trouble, you might want to add a little glycerin to the water which makes the bubble wrap stay better.


If the bubble wrap does not want to stick with just water (unusual), then you can try a few small spots of double back tape to hold it to the glazing.




If you plan to use reuse the bubble wrap next year (it will last for several years), use a felt tip pen to mark on the bubble wrap which window it goes on.  This will save some effort next year.


The bubble wrap installed with water spray just pulls off easily.


It normally leaves the window pretty clean, but you might want to wipe it clean.




I did get a report from one person who got some bubble wrap that did not stick at all with the water spray.  They reported that the bubble wrap from this one source only just would not stick.