Ken's DIY Clothes Drying Rack

Ken was having trouble finding a good clothes drying rack in the store, so he designed and built this very nice solar clothes drying rack. 

Full construction details below.

The materials are common hardware store materials -- 2 inch conduit for the post, and plastic deck wood for the arms, ...  You should be able to buy all the materials locally.

Thanks very much to Ken for sending this in!



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Folded up.

Ready to use.

Showing clothes hangers


Detail Views

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My wife likes not getting her shoes wet in the dew in the morning grass, and that the clothes can go from the hangers on the line right to the closet which is less work that the regular dryer then hanging up


Plans for Deck Mount Solar Clothes Dryer

Click on pictures for dimensioned plans for the clothes drying rack

Ken likes this deck mount style in that you can work from the deck and provides perfect access to the hanger holes.


Plans for Ground Mount Solar Clothes Dryer

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The ground mount version has an extra 2 feet of length in the vertical pipe -- this allows it to be inserted in a pipe socket that is embedded in the ground.



A flag or windsock can be extended from the pole for aesthetics


Kenneth participates in the Yahoo Solar Heat discussion group, so that's a good way to ask questions -- if you post your question on the discussion group, everyone will learn from the question and answer.


If you want to email Kenneth, you can get him at:  kennethwers AT yahoo DOT com   (replace AT with @, and DOT with a period).


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Gary August 8, 2010