An Energy Conserving Shower Design --  Easy To Retrofit

This is a shower enhancement from Mike that saves energy and makes the shower more comfortable to be in.

Basically this is a lid for the shower that keeps the air and water vapor that has been  heated by the shower water flow from rising up out of the shower and pulling cold air from the room into the shower. 


Thanks very much to Mike for sending this in!


efficient shower

The details from Mike:

Hi Gary,

Thought you might be interested in our energy conserving shower improvement.  It is a plexiglass cover for the shower with a oak front to keep steam in. 

The plexiglass rests on tile (or could be top of plastic shower stall) and the oak front also rests on the tile.  I cut a grove in the oak for the plexiglass and angled screws secure the plexigass into the oak.  The curtain rod is above and back enough to get a good seal at the top.  Once the curtain is wet it seals the sides quite well. 

No mildew has formed between the plexiglass and the top of the tile after a few years of service.  The shower heats up much faster.  I also installed a $3 valve on the showerhead that allows regulating the flow of my low flow showerhead.  Much easier to lower the flow when the space is warm.


Note: Mike also did this very nice Low Thermal Mass Sunspace that heats his house and provides some very nice extra space...