Cold Springs 30 KW Solar Power Installation

While traveling through the Nevada desert on Hwy 50 (the "loneliest highway in the US") we came across Cold Strings Station, which is a motel, RV park, and general store -- it is located about 50 miles from anything.  We were amazed to see a huge solar PV installation.   The owner said that it is a 30 KW grid tied solar PV installation that sells excess power to the utility.  The owners installed the solar PV as an investment, and feel that it has paid well -- they intend to install additional PV in the future.


The pictures show some of the details of the rack mounted PV panels, with some interesting construction detail.


The Cold Springs Station website:

























Cold Springs Station -- on one of the quieter stretches of US 50.







Mounting racks.



























































































Sunny Boy combiner/disconnect




Sharp 175 watt PV panel -- one of nearly 200.




Some of the panel wiring and mounting racks.




The grid tie inverters








Gary 6/12/07