Don's PV Scooter -- Plan Modification/Improvement


I had to make a modification/improvement to scooter.  The Loctite used on the threads on the right side of the scooter tend to come loose with the weight of the panels pulling in the "unwind" direction when hitting bumps.  I think the cold winter causes the Loctite to become weak.  There is no problem with the left side since the weight is in the direction of tightening the pipes.

To stop the pipes from unwinding I drilled a 9/64th hole through the 3/4 inch elbow as shown in the photo.  I just eyeballed the hole and the hole went through straight.  I first tried to use a roll pin through the hole, but the pin bent.  I then decided to use stainless steel, self tapping screws, #10 size.  These needed to be backed out and drilled forward several times to self drill the hole as the #10 size is close the the 9/64th size and with the thick metal does not drill through directly.

The first photo shows the drill creating the pilot holes.  The second photo shows the top stainless steel screw going inside.  There is an identical screw in the bottom hole  on the opposite side.  I drilled holes into the pipe on the left side of the scooter as well so that both sides look the same.


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Thank you.

Don Dunklee

April 25, 2009