A Nice Simple PV Ground Mount

This is a strong, durable, and simple ground mounting system for PV panels.


The PV panels are mounted to commercially available aluminum rails made for easy mounting of PV panels.   There are two of these rails for each of the sets of 3 panels.  The rails are supplied by companies like IronRidge or Unirac.


The front end of the rails are supported by a 6 by 6 treated timber which runs the full width of the PV array (with one splice). 


The back of the rails that the PV panels are bolted to are supported by vertical aluminum legs, which are in turn supported by a 2nd 6 by 6 treated wood beam that runs along the full width at the back of the array.  The tilt of the panels is set by the length of the vertical legs.


The two 6 by 6 timbers are in turn supported by concrete piers at about 8 ft intervals.


The pictures below show most of the details.


This seems like a pretty nice way to go for a relatively inexpensive, easy to put together, and strong rack.


Click pictures for full size

Shows the rails the PV panels are clipped to, the
vertical support legs at the back, and
the front and back 6 by 6 treated timbers.






Attachment of rails to front timber.


Timber splice at concrete pier.
Longer anchor bolt would eliminate need for
pocket in timber.

Bottom end of vertical back legs attachment to
the back timber.

Back leg to PV rail attachment.




You can contrast this to the treated wood timber rack system I used on my PV installation...



These pictures were taken at an open house for a home built by Oasis Hybrid Homes near Emigrant, MT. 
A very nice home with a good thermal envelope, rain catchment, grey water recycling, and solar water and electricity.



Gary August 23, 2010