91 Award Winning Solar Homes

The 91 passive solar home plans provided below were the winners of a passive solar home design competition sponsored by HUD in 1982.  It was the fifth and final cycle in a series of competitions sponsored by HUD, and the winners were selected from 550 entrants from solar builder/architects/designers.


This was a time of very high interest and activity in solar passive home design.  The plans show a great deal of innovation, and a willingness to try new ideas and new layouts -- much more so than is usual in today's solar designs.


Each of the plans is a 2 to 5 page pdf file containing 2 or 3 drawings to give the concept, and a write-up describing the way in which solar heat is collected, stored and distributed.   They are not detailed building plans, but are sufficient to describe the concepts behind each home well.


Note: I am in the process of scanning these plans in.  I plan to make all of them available as time allows.   I decided to go ahead and put up the first 30 62 now, since I'm not going to have time to do the rest for a while.


91 award winning solar passive home plans


The Plans:

North East Region

Mid America Region

South Region

West Region

+ Alaska

Note that every region covers a wide range of climates -- so look at all of them.



The things I like about these plans:


Some cautions:

It is tempting to look at plans for only your region, but you will find that each region covers homes for such a wide variety of climates, that it is worthwhile to look at all of the regions. 


Gary 8/15/06