Earthship Visit

These are some notes and observations from our 2 day stay in the "Hut" Earthship.  The "Hut" is a modest size, but fully functional Earthship located in the Earthship Community near Taos, New Mexico.   Anyone who wants to get some idea what Earthships are all about can rent out the Hut (as well as a couple other Earthships).


The Hut Earthship -- Taos, New Mexico



The Hut Earthship -- Living RoomThe Hut Earthship -- bathroom


Some of the key features of the Earthship home design:

In summary, Earthships utilize simple technology and natural or waste materials to build homes that are easy on the planet.


One of the most impressive things about the Earthship design is that it has been refined and refined over the past 30 years so that many bugs you might expect in a system that accomplishes all these things have already been worked out. 


The Earthship folks offer a series of books that describe the Earthship construction and systems in quite a bit of detail -- probably enough detail for a reasonably skilled person to build one.  The following are some of the highlights -- if these peak your interest, then you can buy the books at Earthship Central.  They also offer a range of other services, including consultation, workshops, plans (packaged or custom), and they will also build an Earthship for you.  Information is available on all this at


These pages offer and overview of Earthship design -- if this tickles your interest, then the next step is to get the books, which describe Earthships in much detail:

All in all, the Earthship is a very impressive and truly sustainable home design.  Michael Reynolds and his co-workers deserve a great deal of credit for pioneering this design and for refining it over the past 30 years.