Passive Solar Energy Book

"Passive Solar Energy -- The Homeowner's Guide to Natural Heating and Cooling", Bruce Anderson and Malcolm Wells.


This very well written book covers:

  • Passive solar energy basics for heating and cooling

  • Passive solar energy design for heating and cooling

  • Explanations for how solar windows, solar chimneys, solar mass walls and solar roofs work

  • How to construct solar windows, solar chimneys, solar walls and solar roofs 

The book assumes no prior knowledge of solar heating and cooling.  It starts with the basics and builds from there.  The writing style is very down to earth, and even humorous at times. (in spite of Bruce's multiple MIT degrees).  The illustrations, construction diagrams, and photos are great.  A really fine book to start your journey towards a solar project. 


Bruce Anderson and and Malcolm Wells have agreed to make the this book available here as a download -- thank you Bruce and Malcolm!!


Click on the blue boxes below to download chapters of the book.

Don't miss the "color photo" and "construction details" sections.