New Solarium & Mudroom -- Schoolhouse Energy Retrofit

Pictures of the new combination solarium and mudroom that was added as a part of the schoolhouse energy retrofit.


The solarium provides quite a bit of additional solar glazing, and the heat from the solarium is distributed to the house using blower and duct system.


The solarium also provides additional space that is comfortable much of the time.


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Foundation of the new solarium/mudroom

Solarium slab and ICF walls

Solarium ICF walls.

Additional Urethane insulation is applied to the ICF insulation

Solarium ICF walls being poured

Solarium after the urethane foam in place insulation has been added to the outside of the ICFs.

Installation of the solarium windows.

Urethane insulation of the doghouse roof

Solarium ceiling showing foam in place urethane insulation

Rack for one cord of firewood.

Firewood remaining at end of winter.

Dual double pane doors provide solarium south glazing




Gary August 6, 2009