The Energy Efficient House

Richard Crume, Solar Today Magazine Sep/Oct 2005 


Richard describes the process they went through in designing an energy efficient home that incorporates solar passive heating and cooling, solar water heating, and many energy conservation features.  It is the best article of its type I have seen -- highly recommended!


Thanks very much to Richard and Solar Today for allowing me to make this article available!




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Richard would like to add the following additional information to the article:

“Other steps we took to reduce energy consumption include installing fluorescent lighting, heavy attic insulation, and ENERGY STAR-rated appliances. Light-colored walls help reflect heat and light around the house, and our many windows provide plenty of day-lighting. A slightly undersized high-efficiency air-conditioning unit effectively removes humidity from the inside air, allowing the thermostat to be set a few degrees warmer than conventional homes while still providing plenty of cooling.”