The Beer Can Solar Air Heating Collector

The beer can collector was built by Peter, an aviation engineer, who lives in in Budapest, Hungary.


I ran across the Hungarian text description of the collector a month or so ago, and while I could not read the text, the pictures were very good, and it was obvious that a lot of care went into the design and construction of the collector.  So, I decided to put an entry in for it, with a note asking if anyone could provide an English translation.  Dana, an old friend of Build-It-Solar, contacted Rob, a translator friend.  Rob managed to get hold of Peter and indicate the desire to get to an English version.  In due course, Peter and friends were nice enough to provide the very good English translation.  Wow!


Thanks very much to Peter, Peter's friends, Dana and Rob for documenting the collector so well and providing the translation.



Peter (on right) and friend with the finished collector -- very nice!




Gary June 5, 2008