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Solar DHW + Space: Building the System

This is the directory for a detailed set of instructions that cover the entire construction of the system, including,  collector, tank, plumbing, and controls.

Nearly all of the system is constructed with materials available from the local hardware, and the entire project can be constructed with simple tools.  There are a few parts like the pumps and the controller that you may have to order, but there are many good sources for these.

This is probably not the project to pick for your first Do-It-Yourself project before, but if you have a project or two under your belt, you should be able to get through this OK -- its fairly lengthy, but not difficult.

This is not a project you can bang out in a single weekend, so take your time, and have fun.

<-->There are some important cautions about using a vertical collector like this for water and space heating...>

< need a good intro picture -- or maybe group of 4 or 6 construction overview pics

and or a system overview diagram >

< could consider folding this into the main overview page>


Gary  February 9, 2011