Solar Shed Construction Details


Design vs. Zoning

At first I was thinking of a one way roof shed (Cattle Shed) with the collector on the tall side, but zoning said 10 foot maximum to the bottom of the soffit when building on a lake lot. I wanted ten foot collectors mounted two feet above the ground equaling twelve feet, so that was out. A gambrel roof (little storage barn roof) zoning measures 10 feet from the bottom of the top roof section, so that was out. So I went with a regular roof with the solar collector on the gable end (like a storefront). First problem solved. Setbacks from the well, property side, road, and allowing me room to drive between the shed and the house allowed me to build a 25 x 16 shed. I wanted 32 feet of Collector so I hinged the outer panels in for the summer (Domestic Hot Water) and out for the winter (Space Heating).


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Three views of the Solar Shed framing in progress.






Framing details



Collector framing and shed siding.

Installing the Twinwall polycarbonate glazing.

Main collectors finished.





Collectors unfolded for winter

Collectors folded for summer



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Gary March 24, 2010