Rain X to Keep Collectors Free of Snow?


This is a note from Chad suggesting using Rain X to keep collectors free of snow:


Ever heard of the product Rain X ? marketed for auto windshield use, it is like a clear wax for glass. Goes on in spray form, then you wipe it clear.  It is one of the few miracle products that work.

It makes water bead and slide off your windows so wipers are nearly unneeded.  It also does a good job of minimizing frost on cold nights and making ice /  snow not stick.  Usually hitting the window causes the snow to fall off.  Wipers will easily clear frost and even frozen ice drizzle.   I put it on my motorcycle helmet shield to improve rain visibility, so I know it works on polycarbonate.

I will probably put this on the collectors in October / November to reduce snow accumulation to avoid unneeded trips to my shop.  In should last the season as the side car windows seem to last 6 mo to a year.  The wipers scrape it off the windshield in 1-3 mo.




This sounds like it might work -- I plan to try it on 2 of my 6 collectors for a side by side test to see how effective it is.

If you have any experience with this, please let me know...

It would be interesting to know if this would work on evacuated tubes, since they have more of a problem with snow and ice accumlation?


Thanks Chad!



This note from Al on using Rain X:

Yes, I tried rain x  about 2  yr ago on evacuated tubes.
Applied it to alternate tubes; no appreciable difference.
We have fluffy snow; maybe would help with the heavy wet stuff.




Gary May 29, 2009