Old saves from solar shed


Update: 10/15/06 -- I've been spending quite a bit of time on this the last couple weeks.  I'm just inches away from getting all the outside stuff done, and will put up new pictures soon.


Update: 6/7/06 -- I'm back to work on this.  Finishing up the shed parts (siding, doors, ...).  We are planning to attend the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair (June 20), so have decided to wait and see what's there before ordering the absorber plates. 

Update: 2/18/06  -- Being a wimp, I have pretty much decided to let this go until it gets warmer (April?) -- it should be all ready to go for the next heating season.  Still interested in any comments/suggestions that you might have on how to make this concept work well.


Update: 12/7/05 -- Progress has been slow for the last month with Thanksgiving and lots of snow.  We currently have 2 ft of snow on the ground and the low last night was -24 (ouch!).  Did get the glazing ordered last week, and hope to get the collector absorber plates ordered in the next couple days.  While waiting for better weather, I am running some simulations that compare various collector plate and glazing combinations.