Solarizing Your Present Home -- Practical Solar Heating System You Can Build

This well organized 670 page book covers covers dozens of solar space heating (and cooling) projects you may be able to retrofit to your home to save energy and reduce green house gas emissions.  It covers most of the common solar retrofit possibilities.



The book starts with chapters that introduce the solar concepts, and then moves on to cover several projects in each major area of solar heating.  These include: water heating, direct gain windows, sunspaces, porches, and greenhouses, solar collectors, and even some solar cooling techniques.


The projects are described in good detail with good drawings and pictures.  Sufficient detail is provided to build the projects.


The book was first published in the early 1980's when solar activity was at a fever pitch, and much progress was being made.

The book is currently out of print, but readily available at used book places and libraries.  I just bought a 2nd copy at used books for $1!  I've noticed that out of print solar books recommended on BIS tend to go up in price, so get yours now!


If you had to pick one book that gives a good idea what the range of possibilities are for retrofitting solar heat to your house, this is probably it.


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Gary 10/8/06