Ed's Zero Cost Sunspace


The email below from Ed describing how he converted a porch into a sunspace using some leftover poly film and a couple hours.


Thanks very much to Ed for providing this!



Here is a picture of my latest experiment inspired by your site. 
Man I love what you have put together there.


I call it my Sunrise Porch Solar Collector.  It cost me absolutely nothing except time.
I had everything around the house... I bought a 100' roll of 6 mil plastic
years ago to do some work.. I used 25 feet of it here... just tacked it up with some 
thin scrap wood  and bingo... a solar collector in minutes. Ha!!! I love it.
So does it work?  Yeah it does... 
Here's the data for today.. outside temp was 42 degrees F at 10:00 AM
These temps are on the porch inside the collector.

Time Temp on porch
7:00 AM 20 degrees
8:00 40
9:00 70
10:00 82
I opened the door to my kitchen at 10:00 and watched the temp go up  3 degrees from 62-65.
My furnace stayed off all morning. My kitchen which is normally cold was toasty. I had may coffee
on the 70 degree porch. Oh yeah!!! 
Here is the rest of the day
11:00 70
12:00 70
2:00 60
3:00 48

Someday I'm going to insulate the porch, close it in, put a water wall window seat
with plants on top. The future... isn't it grand?

Man I love the sun.

Thanks to all the solar experimenters that contribute to your site.
And thanks again to you.... for the inspiration.


If you have questions, Ed's email address is: lexarded AT cox DOT net (replace AT with @ and DOT with a period)



Gary Nov 12, 2007