Electric Vehicle (EV) Resources:

This is a list of various EV groups, resources, suppliers, ... that I have run across.


If you know of any additional good resources that should be listed, please let me know -- Gary.


Clubs and Associations:

Electric Auto Association

National EV association with local chapters that promote EV's.  Conversion information, educational material, Newsletter, ...   Also, an extensive set of links.

Austin EV

The EV club in Austin -- lots of good information, very extensive album of EV's with conversion data, technical information, ...   The photo album is really interesting -- an amazing variety of EV's.


KTA Services Inc.

Supplier of EV parts and conversion kits.

Electro Automotive
EV kits and components
Canadian Electric Vehicles Ltd.
EV conversion kits for cars and trucks.
EV Parts
Wide range of electric car gear and components.



Note: I don't have any experience with any of these suppliers, and can't say whether they are good, bad, or in between -- beware!


Gary   4/26/07