ProMaster DIY Camper Van Conversion -- References and Suppliers

This page will provide links and references for those interested in building a camper van conversion based on the RAM ProMaster (or other vans).

I'm just adding to this as I go, so its incomplete, but still might be useful.

If you know of any good references I missed, please let me know.


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Important Update

The material on these pages describing our camper van conversion has been moved to our new new site dedicated to efficient RVs and camper vans.

The new site covers all the material here and adds a lot of new material on other camper van conversions, camper van design and build, resources for people converting vans, other efficient camping vehicles, new ideas in efficient RVs and camper van travel hints.

The new site is here...

I'm leaving these pages here as you may have bookmarked them and the Comments section has some good suggestions, but I suggest that you go to the new site -- I won't be updating this material anymore.

Thanks to all the people who read these pages and especially to the people who left comments and suggestions! Feedback on the new site is very much appreciated.






RAM ProMaster, Sprinter, Transit Forums

ProMaster Very helpful for ProMaster information and conversion descriptions (including ours).

Mercedes Sprinter Forum... Lots of Sprinter van conversion stories.

Ford Transit Van Forum...


Reference Books

The Sprinter RV Conversion Sourcebook... I bought and used this book and found it to be a good place to start for many items.

Camper Van Sites

Self Build Motor Caravanners Club... A very active UK club with lots of information on conversions -- fee to join.


Camper Conversion Descriptions

Sportsmobile... Lots of good information and conversion descriptions on the Sportsmobile site (they do custom camper van conversions)

Backroader build -- from ProMaster forum...

Windsurfing Mobile Camper -- from ProMaster forum...

A stealth camper van conversion of a Sprinter van... some very interesting ideas

2010 Sprinter RV Build...

Super custom, ultra-compact Sprinter camper van conversion... There is a whole series of videos on this conversion.

Detailed and unique surf/camper van conversion of short WB Sprinter...

Tiny Camper's Blog -- A nice simple conversion...

How to Make A Self-Build Motorhome... A Ducato conversion video

Ford E150 with Sportsmobile top conversion...


Commercial RV's based on ProMaster, Transit, and Sprinter

Video tour of 15 European commercial van based RV's... lots of potential layouts and ideas.

Winnebago RV's based on ProMaster...

Transit van base RV... video tour

Sprinter Forum list of commercial Sprinter RV Conversions... Most of them have some posts from people own them or are thinking of owning them.





American RV Company Wide variety of hardware for van conversions -- they seem very customer oriented.

Camping World Large online and real store supplier of RV equipment and services.

Sportsmobile... Lots of good information and conversion descriptions on the Sportsmobile site (they do custom camper van conversions)

Euro Campers -- Wide variety of products for van conversions

BestConverter ... Electrical equipment for RV's including the distribution panel that I used -- good service on my order.

ProMaster World -- Running boards, windows, hitches, ...

Nothern Arizona Wind and Solar... Solar electric equipment

Amazon... has a surprising amount of stuff for RV conversions.

RV Designer -- A variety of RV conversion hardware (electrical, latches, ducts, ...)

Southco -- RV and marine latches, hinges and other hardware





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