The Solar Bug

Update Nov 9, 2007:

Here are some pictures of the production Solar Bug.

More info at Steve's website:


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Update 9/20/2006:

This is earlier material on the prototype Solar Bug at the Livingston Sustainability Fair.

Steve has announced that the he is starting production of the Solar Bug for delivery in early 2007 -- here is the announcement:

The first ten to twenty Solar Bug are scheduled for delivery in 1st quarter 2007. 
We are accepting orders for these first vehicles and would like to invite you 
to purchase one.
We want your help to build a usable and superior vehicle. So in 
purchasing now you will have the unique opportunity to influence the 
future of Free Drive EV. It is our intention from time to time ask 
about your opinions and experience with the car. We are looking for 
input on future feature sets and will ask questions that give you the 
opportunity to have real input in to the design, direction of 
enhancements and future models.
We will keep you involved through the whole process to make sure you 
get the best possible alternative vehicle available anywhere, and to 
ensure the /Solar Bug^SM / is a car for the future.
To schedule a test drive, call 406-599-0141 or email me at <>. We'll schedule 
a time for you to drive the /Solar Bug^SM / and answer any questions 
you may have.

Be the first to own a /Solar Bug^SM /, feel the fun and see the cost 
savings while driving a zero emission vehicle.

Steve Titus, VP Product Development
Free Drive EV
407 South Black Ave.
Bozeman, MT 59715
406-599-0141 <> <>


This is a neat little one person electric vehicle being developed right here in our own Bozeman, MT area.

Licensed as a motorcycle, top speed 25 mph (legal restriction), 30+ mile range.  Solar panels contribute some of the charging, but most is from your wall outlet.
Steve is developing a production version that will sell for about $8000.

A couple more pictures of the Solar Bug taken at the Livingston, MT Sustainability Fair.


For more information:


Body: Composite

Weight: 650 lbs

Top Speed: 25 mph (NEV legal limit)

Range: 30+ miles

Batteries: 4 @ 12 volt each

Charge: 4 to 6 hours, 65 cents

Brakes: regenerative braking

Solar: Some solar charging (but mostly its a charge off the grid vehicle)



Solar Bug Electric Car


Solar Bug Electric Car



Solar Bug Electric Car -- interior



Solar Bug  Electric Car -- interior view.