Zenn Electric Car

Some more pictures of the Zenn taken at the Livingston, MT Sustainability Fair.

This is a Zenn that is being taken around to a number of fairs and events.


The representative said that Zenns are being turned out, and that there are a number of US dealers.  These are typically existing car dealers (e.g. Ford) that want to offer the Zenn, and will also service it.


As can be seen from the pictures, there was a lot of interest in it.


Zenn's have a top speed of 25mph, and are intended to be used for driving around in local community areas such and university campus, resorts, residential areas, ...


About $12,000 (I think).


The Zenn weighs about 1200lbs, about 1/3 of which is batteries, which are in two compartments.  The forward one is under the yellow charger that is just visible under the hood in this picture.  The aft batter compartment is under the luggage area floor in back.

Note the sunroom!



Luggage area.


Under the hood.  The yellow box is the charger (plugs into a wall outlet).  The white tag that is just barely visible to the right of the charger is on top of the electric motor.   The car is front wheel drive.



Gary 7/9/06