Black Plastic Pipe Shower

Here is an email describing what looks like a pretty high capacity and very simple solar shower.


I suppose it might even be used in a simple water supply system to supply all the hot water -- day use only.



Hi Gary,

I used 500 feet of 1/2 inch black pipe loosely coiled up on top of a roof, connected directly to a water tap, and then directly to the hot tap of a shower, which  also had a cold water source.

 After letting the sun shine on it for about 15 minutes at an ambient temperature of about 60F, I was able to take a looong lazy shower, mixing the cold and hot water, and after I finished, you just waited  another 15 minutes and the shower was ready for the next person.

No containers were used. Jut a direct connection to the tap, for cold water, and a direct connection to the black pipe for hot water.

You may use this information on your site for the benefit of others.

Thank you,