Denver's $1K Solar Water Heating System

Denver from Ohio sent in a detailed description of his $1K style solar water heating system. 

Thanks very much to Denver for sending this in!



Some of the unique features of Denver's system:

Small footprint, large volume tank.

PEX coil heat exchanger recoiled for efficiency.

Motorized absorber fin groove former.



All the details on Denver's $800 DIY Solar Water Heating System...   (pdf)


Denver plans to add up to 6 collectors on the south wall mounted similarly to the one in the picture above, and to use the system for both domestic water heating and space heating.


The simple design and some creative scrounging kept the total bill to about $800 -- $200 under budget!



For more details on the $1K DIY Solar Water Heating System design, and other example systems ...




Gary July 3, 2010