Details on Using the Cubloc Development System

The CUBLOC microprocessor board and development system from COMFILE Technology were used for this differential controller project -- this page provides some details on using the system, and on how to make use of the code files for this project.

Comfile Technology Inc. homepage:

Index of Cubloc Modules and Capabilities:

CB210 description and purchasing link:

At the bottom of this page are links to download a “Quick Start Guide” and CUBLOC

Manual & Application Notes. (One can download the manuals and install the software for reviewing purposes even prior to processor purchase).

Open the “Quick Start Guide” (a pdf file). Near the top of this tiny manual is a link for downloading “CUBLOC STUDIO” (the programming environment).

A “USB driver” for the CB210 is downloaded with this version of “CUBLOC STUDIO”. This driver must be installed to enable the communication between the CB210 and CUBLOC STUDIO.   Follow the instructions in the “Quick Start Guide” to install both CUBLOC STUDIO and the USB driver.  

From the Windows Control Panel/System Properties, open the hardware device manager to identify what COM port Windows assigned to the new USB driver (probably COM1).  Connect the CB210 to a PC with a USB cord, in CUBLOC STUDIO, click “Setup” then “PC Interface Setup” to ensure the same COM port is identified. Voila! One is now ready to create test programs. The CB210 can be re-programmed several thousand times!

To install the differential controller firmware, download the two files listed just below into a folder of your choice on your PC. Then bring up CUBLOC STUDIO and browse/open that folder to load it into the editor. To compile, load, burn the firmware, and execute – simply click on the button that resembles a triangle pointing to the right! 



To download the files to your folder, right click on each, and choose "save target as...", or "save link as..." to save each file to your folder. These files should only be opened in CUBLOC STUDIO to avoid corrupting them.

While the source file “cb210_diff_version_019.CUb” can be read with Wordpad or Notepad,  it is highly recommended that only CUBLOC STUDIO be used for editing changes and  file saving as otherwise the formatting and indentation will be lost.

Comfile Technology Inc. provide access to the main programming manual and other manuals and software by clicking on the “SUPPORT” header, then clicking on the “CUBLOC” button in the “DOWNLOAD” list. A list of additional CUBLOC download links is provided:

“CUBLOC Studio V3.4.1 [10-05-2012]”. This is the integrated programming environment (source editor, compiler, loader, burner & debugger) and runs on Windows XP/Vista/7/8.

One might wish to download “CF TERM” a general purpose RS-232 utility/terminal program. It is not needed for this application but might prove useful for other projects.

Download the main “CUBLOC Manual V3.3” from here. There is a French language version also.

The “CB210 Quick Start Guide” is additionally available on this page.

Download the “CUBLOC START BOOK”. It is a general manual for programming all of the various CUBLOC modules. It is s oriented to novice users, and contains useful circuits for I/O.

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Gordon June 2013