Philip's Fiji Island DIY Thermosyphon Solar Water Heater

Philip lives on the beautiful Pacific island of Fiji, where the scenery is stunning, but the utility rates are on the high side. 


Philip worked out a nice and simple thermosyphon solar water heating system.  Thermosyphon systems use the density change of the heated water to drive the flow (no pump required).   Thermosyphon systems also start and stip the flow through the collector as the sun goes on and off the collector, so no differential controller is needed.  

And, since freezing is not a problem in Fiji, no freeze protection is needed.   This all helps to keep the system simple, inexpensive, and low maintenance -- very nice!

The total cost was only $250 US.

Download Full Details on Philip's Thermosyphon Solar Water Heating System...


Thanks very much to Philip for providing this information!


The thermosyphon collector.

Solar hot water storage tank.




Bear in mind that some of the things that Philip can do in the tropics, like no fins on the collector tubes, and no freeze protection

are not going to work in Wisconsin -- so build appropriately to  your climate!

Lots more solar water heating schemes for all climates here...



Gary September 20, 2010