Knick's Solar Water Heating System  -- Performance

The system has just been put into operation -- so, this is just the very preliminary results from the first day of operation.

I'm sure Knick will fill us in after more operation on how the system is doing.




At this time, the system has only been operational for 1 day.

On the first day, as shown on the controller below, the 300 gallons of water in the tank was heated from 62F up to 76F with about 4.5 hours of sun.
On the 2nd day, the tank went from 76F up to 92F.

Tank temperature started the day at 62F, and
finished (4 pm) at 76F.
Collector temperature at 4pm.

The maximum tank temperature is set with the controller to 140 degrees.  This allows me to use regular blue board (polystyrene) insulation in the tank.


The controller turns pump on when the collector is 16F degrees hotter then tank and off when its 8F degrees hotter.



The total cost of the system was about $1600.



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Gary May 29, 2010