Matt's "$1K" Solar Water Heating System


This is Matt's $1K type solar water heating system.  Matt tried a few new things that might be just what you are looking for.  One of Matt's innovations is what might be the worlds first bicycle powered groove forming machine! 




Matt is a very good craftsman, and provides a wealth of interesting alternative ways of making the components.


Some of the unique features of Matt's system:

- A unique forming machine to form the groove in the aluminum fins.

- A new method of attaching the fins to the copper tubes.


- A copper heat exchanger that uses 6 parallel coils of 3/8 inch copper pipe.


- a galvanized metal collector frame.


- A steel tank instead of the EPDM lined plywood tank.

- Glass for glazing instead of polycarbonate.

Thanks very much to Matt for taking the time to document this project!


Download the details on Matt's project:

A detailed, 6 page description of the project ...   (0.8 mb pdf)


More photos of the build and install process...   (a photo album)


Matt will answer email questions at: auch  AT tds  DOT  net   (change AT to @ and DOT to a period)




Gary August 7, 2009