1986 Batch Solar Water Heater Plans from OSU Extension


I want to thank Peg and the rest of the people at the Oregon State University Extension service for making this set of plans and data for this 1986 batch solar water heater available.   They were concerned that the material was out of date, and they don't do work in this area now, so they had no one to check the plans.  After a little more communication they agreed to digitize a paper copy of the article, and make it available as a historical document.  So, thanks again to the extension, and please don't hold them responsible for any out of date material in the plans. 


I've looked the plans over pretty carefully, and I think they are fine.  Batch solar water heater designs have not changed a lot over the years.  Sadly, the "Sunsponge" selective film they used on the sun facing side of the tank is no longer available.  The 80's were a very active time for solar, and some of the companies that got started on the high level of interest did not make it when oil prices dropped and interest in solar fell -- hopefully we will see them coming back as interest in solar picks up again.



March 31, 2010