Performance Data for Neil's UK Solar Water Heating System

Neil has provided some initial performance data for his solar water heating system.

The plots show the storage tank temperature at the top and bottom as well as light levels. 

Thanks very much to Neil for providing the feedback on system performance -- looks like its doing quite well.

For a full description of Neil's system...



Tank Temperatures for Several Days in May

This plot shows the tank temperature with the upper tank and lower tank temperatures shown separately.


The green Lux values are not calibrated yet, but do show the relative lighting levels through the days.


The ambient sensor is located above the tank, within the enclosure so the temp is elevated from true outdoor ambient temps.





More Detailed Plots for Two Days

The plots just below show more detailed performance for two of the days in the plot above.   These plots give a clear picture of the stratification in the tank.

You can see where the hot water is drawn through the coil reducing the tank temp and the stratification is taking place lowering the bottom temp by several degrees. 

The heat exchanger is suspended at the top of the tank, the tank being approx 1.8m high, the heat coil around 600mm in height.


Once the collector circulation pumps start the stratification  is removed and the whole tank stabilizes at relatively uniform temperature.











November 3, 2010