Solar Shower:

This was posted on from a satisfied user of the Solar Shower:

The most stunning solar surprise, for me at least, was the silly "Solar Shower".
Just a heavy plastic bag with one black side and one almost clear side, a hose with a on off valve and a sprinkler showerhead, and the "temperature could reach 105'F" (yea. right. whatever.). Lay it flat in full sun and the water gets hot? Is 105'F enough for a shower? Not hot enough for me!  Well, it did get hot, and more than 105'F for sure!
Is 5 gallons enough for a shower? My shower is rated at 3 gallons a minute, and I have a LOT of hair.  I certainly don't want to get my hair full of shampoo and run out of hot water (call me names, but I do not want to be clean if it involves being cold).

I was the first to give it a try. First just the hair. Boy, that is hot! Next a full body rinse. There is still water left? So the full shower with soap and an extra good rinse. Still water left? My wife washed her hair, then shaved her legs (she'll kill me if she reads this!).
The other couple arrived back at the cabin, and after hearing my review, she washed her hair and shaved her legs (she'll kill me too). Then he had a good scrub down but not a full shower, and washed his hair (his hair doesn't take much water). Yes, he is clothed from the waist down. But I could photo shop some of the original images... Hmmm... Blackmail?
The solar shower bag heated faster when set on a insulated flannel shirt for insulation, and it was quite sunny and about 82'F that particular day. Another cloudy and cool day I added hot water from the stove.

To make a long story even longer, There was plenty of warm water in the first 5 gallons, for all of the above. I am sure everyone (except me because I was first and didn't expect much!) tried to conserve, but 5 gallons can go a long way!


The Solar Shower is available from many places for about $10 -- just Google for Solar Shower.