Pictures of a Dempster Windmill Water Pumper


These are just some pictures I took on a trip to California of an Dempster windmill powered water pumper.


This was near a rest area on I-15, and the pumper was pumping right along filling up a water storage tank for the rest area -- looks like its been doing that for quite a while.


Functional, reliable, and beautiful (at least to me).


More on solar and wind water pumping ...




Click on pictures for full size

Click on pictures for full size


Gear box and furling mechanism





These windmills use many blades for more torque.  A mechanical "engine" (red box) is used to turn the rotary motion of the turbine into vertical motion to drive the pumping rod.   There is quite a bit of gear reduction -- the vertical rod moves up and down at about the speed you would pump an old long handle manual pump if you were a bit tired.

These windmill pumps have been sold by Dempster for 130 years.


Gary September 2, 2008