Cautions on Using the Heat Loss Calculator


This calculator gives a ROUGH estimate of the heat loss for a home.   It is easy to use, but because of its simple approach, is subject to a number of potential errors:


And, I am sure there are quite a few more sources of error that are not listed above.  Still, this tool is a lot better than a guess, and many design decisions are made using similar tools.


One way to get a better estimate, and also get a much better feel for how your home will perform in various types of weather is to use home thermal simulation software.  This software does a year long simulation of your homes heat gains and losses on an hour by hour simulation using a weather file for your area.  One such software package that is both easy to use and free is HEED.


Please Note 

I take no responsibility whatever for the accuracy or correctness of this software.

I take no responsibility whatever for any grief that errors, omissions, or just plain bad design in this software may cause you.  

You use this software at your own risk.
If you can't accept these condition of use, then please do not use the calculator.


Gary 2/3/07, 5/5/07