Energy Fairs, Events, and Workshops

Renewable energy fairs are a great way to learn about renewable energy.


Most fairs include workshops, talks, and renewable energy supplier displays, and a chance to talk to a lot of very knowledgeable people.  Find one near you and go.


The list below includes all the energy fairs I could find -- let me know if I missed yours.

Also listed are workshops and tours.




If you know of an energy fair, sustainability fair, or workshop event coming up, let me know ... so I can add it to the list.


Build-It-Solar gets 7 million + visitors a year, so its a good way to get the word out.

Its very hard to keep this page up to date as many of the fair websites change every year.  So, if you see a listing for a fair, but the link does not work, just try Googling for it -- chances are its still  out there, but my link to it is wrong.




Shoals Earth Month



Chena Renewable Energy Fair


Anchorage Renewable Energy Fair


Valley of the Sun Solar & Sustainable Open House



South Bay Energy Fair and Solar Homes Tour


Not-So-Simple Living Fair

The Whole Earth and Watershed Festival  -- Redding


City of Redding REU Energy Festival



Sustainable Living Fair -- For Collins


Earth Works Expo


Crestone Energy and Sustainability Fair


Verde Fest -- Four Corners Sustainability Fair
Note -- M-CAN offers many other activities, workshops, ...  Appears to be very active.


Home Energy Fair -- Milford


District of Columbia

Solar Decathlon -- every 2 years


GLEE EXPO  (see the EXPO link)



Cel-EARTH-bration Environmental Festival, Cartersville, Sept 27, 2008
Details ...




Illinois Renewable Energy Association Fair


Bloom Township Alternate Energy Awareness Fair


Shawnee Energy Festival


Nipsco and Lake County Energy Fair


Northeastern Indiana Sustainable Living Fair


I-Renew Energy Expo





Midcoast Sustainable Energy Expo


Maine Solar Energy Association Workshops etc.


Common Ground Country Fair




Melrose Energy Fair


Sustainable Living Maryland


Baltimore Green Week


Energy Saving Fair at Lexington High School


Westwood Energy Fair




AltWheels Alternative Transportation and Energy Festival


Virginio's Backyard Workshops -- build PV panel and others


Salem Living Green Fair   (check the events for Living Green Fair)


NESEA Building Energy



Michigan Energy Fair



Minnesota Solar Homes Tour


Eco Experience -- Minnesota State Fair


Lake Superior Energy Fair


Windy River Renewable Energy and Sustainable Agriculture Fair


Eco Mom Alliance Edina Energy Fair, Solar Poer Tour, and Compost Party



Show Me Solar -- Workshops, classes, webinars on solar.


Livingston Sustainability Fair


Sage Mountain Workshops and Tours --

Including --> Todd's excellent Solar Water Heating Workshop coming in July!

Many events, workshops, and a free tour on 2nd Sundays.




 New Hampshire

Nashua Energy Fair

 New Jersey

 New Mexico

Southwest Energy Alliance Energy Fair


Synergy Fest


Green Built Tour - New Mexico

 New York

North Country Sustainable Energy Fair and Home Tours

 North Carolina

SMARTT Challenge Finals -- Raliegh  (student built electric cars)
Many other events -- see website


North Carolina Solar Center  (events and workshops)

 North Dakota

 Northern Marianas Islands


Ohio Green Living Fayre






Oregon Green and Solar Tours


Living Green and Renewable Energy Fair  -- Salem


Douglas County Energy Fair


Greener Homes and Gardens Expo


NEPA Energy Solutions Expo


Pennsylvania Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Festival


ECARE Fair -- East Coast Alternative Renewable Energy Fair


Pocono Climate Fest

 Puerto Rico

 Rhode Island

Rhode Island Sustainable Living Fair

 South Carolina

 South Dakota


Sonnenschein Festival -- renewable energy, sustainable living, workshops ...
Hohenwald, TN



Cool House Tour -- Austin


Renewable Energy Roundup and Green Living Fair





Green Mountain Power Community Energy Fair


Walpole Energy Fair



Shoreline Renewable Energy Fair


Green Everett -- Sustainable Energy Fair + Solar and Green Building Tour


Lacey Alternative Energy Fair


Sustainable Living Fair -- Walla Walla

West Virginia

Sustainable Living for West Virginia


West Virginia Sustainable Fair - - "Green makes $en$se"


Midwest Renewable Energy Association Energy Fair  --  This is a dandy -- great workshops


Energy 2010 -- Renewable Energy and Resource Fair -- August

Join us for two full days of local foods, renewable energy, and global wisdom! The fair will feature numerous vendors of renewable energy products, back to back informational workshops in two buildings all day long, local residents demonstrating innovative do it yourself projects, a fun-filled children's tent, a Saturday night barn dance with Duck for the Oyster, and more!





Evansville Community Energy Fair



NW WI Sustainable Living Fair
Rusk Co Fairgrounds in Ladysmith, Wi.



GreenLiteXpo  -- Energy Exposition

Black River Falls, WI





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