Options for Getting Fine Homebuilding Magazine Articles

There are several references on our site to articles from Fine Homebuilding Magazine.

Fine Homebuilding has carried many good how-to articles on energy efficient home construction and renewable energy.


Here are your options for gaining access to the referenced articles.

  1. A lot of local libraries carry Fine Homebuilding, and may have back issues as well.

  2. You can subscribe online to Fine Homebuilding for $6 per month.  This is a very good deal in that you get access to pdf copies of "the best of the last 25 years" -- some 1500 articles.  
    You can sign up for as many or as few months as you like.

  3. Subscribe to the print version of Fine Homebuilding, which is very well done.

  4. NEW DVD archive.  Taunton just started offering a DVD that has the full content of all issues from 1981 through 2009 -- some 208 issue in all.  They have done a very nice job with this DVD -- "99.9%" of the content of every issue is included, and the software is very well done.  Its easy and fast to browse or search through all the issues for a topic of interest.  Cost is currently $150.

Usually it is easiest to search for the authors name to find the article you want.




Gary Nov 17, 2007, Jan 23, 2009