Options for Getting Home Power Magazine Articles

There are a lot of Home Power Magazine articles referenced on this site. 

Home Power is a great source for good hands-on  information on renewable energy projects. 

Here are your options for getting these articles from Home Power:

  1. A lot of local libraries carry Home Power, and may have some back issues.

  2. Check the Home Power website home page -- all recent articles and some back articles are available in HTML form for free.


  3. You can buy an Print and/or Online subscriptions to Home Power.

    There are a couple levels of subscription offered:

  4. The one year regular digital subscription provides each new issue as a downloadable pdf. I believe that it also allows you to download recent (1 year?) issues as pdf's.

    The Premium Access one year digital subscription provides each new issue as a downloadable pdf, AND allows you to download any past issue all the way back to issue 1 as a pdf.
    As far as I know, this is currently the only way to gain access to articles in older issues, and I highly recommend it if you are planning a renewable enrgy project.

    The subscription offers change fairly often, and there are special deals offered from time to time -- so, check on the HP website for the latest.

  5. The old option of searching the their achieves for an article, and then downloading that issue for $5 does not appear to be offered anymore.
  6. The DVD's that cover the whole Home Power 25 year history are no longer offered.

IMPORTANT: When you use the article search on the HP website, the only articles that are included for searching are the ones that are available in HTML form -- none of the older issues are included. For all of the HP articles that I reference, I give the issue number, and if you have the subscription that allows download access to the whole archive, you can just download that issue.

This seems a bit more complicated that it should be, but its worth the effort to figure it out -- there is just a ton of good, hands on, information in the 25+ year archive.


The Home Power website:  www.HomePower.com



Gary Nov 11, 2007

Updated Jan 1, 2008