Some Low Cost Half Projects With Great Payoffs

We did 23 projects for our "Half" program -- below are the eight projects with the lowest initial costs and fastest paybacks.

These eight projects cost  $380 total
Save  $900 per year our energy bills

Reduce CO2 emissions by over 5 tons per year


These particular projects may not be applicable to you, or may not work as well for you, but the point is that most of us will be able to identify a few projects that cost very little and payoff very well.   Why not do these right away?

Make your own Half Plan, and find your high payoff projects.  If you start with a few projects like these that cost little and save lots, you can fund your more costly projects from the savings on these projects.



per Year
per year
CO2 Reduction
per year
Personal Computer Power Management $20 $178 1780 kwh 3560 lbs
Compact Fluorescents throughout house $50 $117 1170 kwh 2340 lbs
Reduce Infiltration Losses From House (seal leaks) $50 $156 1980 kwh 1010 lbs
Seal and Insulate Heating Ducts $20 $75 940 kwh 480 lbs
Vent Dryer to Inside During Winter $5 $63 630 kwh 286 lbs
Eliminate Phantom Electrical Loads $70 $57 570 kwh 1140 lbs
Electric Mattress Pad $125 $186 2320kwh 1150 lbs
Insulate Some Windows With Bubble Wrap $38 $75 960 kwh 490 lbs
Totals $378 $907 10,350 kwh 10,456 lbs


Click the link for each project above for details on the Top 8.

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