Finding Mother Earth News Articles

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Mother Earth News is one of my favorite sources of information due to its very long publication history and its emphasis on practical DIY subjects, including a lot of solar and other renewable energy subjects.

Nearly all of the articles that have appeared in Mother Earth News over their 40+ year history are available for download -- its a great free resource.

I've gone through the full history of MEN articles and picked out the ones I think are of particular interest to people who want to build renewable energy projects, and listed them in the appropriate sections of this site. I used to provide direct links to these articles, but I've found that its just impossible to keep up with the changes in their directroy structure. So, this page tells you how to find the MEN articles I list using the Mother Earth News site search.

To find an MEN article that I list:

  1. Copy the full title and (if provided) the authors last name from my listing of the article
  2. Paste this into the search field on the Mother Earth website and click search.

This will nearly always bring up the article you want in the first couple entries.

Mother Earth also offers back issues and article collections on CD or DVD...

The Mother website can be very slow at times -- best to just come back later when that happens.



August 5, 2013