Parts for Electric Vehicle Conversions

A few places that offer EV conversion kits and/or parts for Electric Vehicle conversions.


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Electric Vehicles (and parts)
Electric Vehicles USA Inc.


Source of electric vehicle conversion parts and kits.

Some useful looking reference material.


Grassroots Electric Vehicles


Electric vehicle conversion parts and kits.
Rebirth Auto


Rebirth offers kits to convert VW bugs to electric vehicles with 25 to 35 mile range and top speed of 60 mph.

Quite a few detailed pictures of the conversion kit and the conversion process.

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Please note that I have had no dealings with most of the suppliers, and cannot vouch for them in any way.  These links are just a place to get started in your system/component searches.  I have no financial or other arrangement of any kind with any of these suppliers.


Gary April 16, 2008